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Four figures sat around the table. As their discussion wore on, three became increasingly agitated, but the Argonian female seemed as calm as ever as she listened to the other three assassins argue quietly, as if fearing their words might be heard beyond the magically protected doorway. This room, in the heart of the Dark Brotherhood's stronghold, was the most secure location in Tamriel, but that did little to calm their nerves.

The fifth occupent of the room gave a quiet chuckle, appearing to materialise against the door as each of the incredibly deadly people at the table startled at the Khajiit's sudden presence. She padded smoothly from the door, circling the table once before leaning against a wall to the right of the head of the Dark Brotherhood.

"Don't you know it's rude to discuss someone behind their backs?"

Vincente sputtered, starting to protest but the words died on his lips as a pair of green gold eyes focused on him. The Khajiit snorted in amusement, leaning languidly against her wall. Her ears catching every breath of fabric and creak of leather of the other occupants of the room as they in turn watched her warily. Only Ocheeva's face remained cool and collected, though the fear and awe that showed on the other three was echoed in her eyes.

"I told Vincente when he recruited me that I was the most dangerous being in the realm." She shrugged. "I was not being facetious."

Six eyes focused momentarily on the vampire, before snapping back to the Khajiit as she stretched, the Archmage's staff casually lifted to the air above her head before vanishing, quickly followed by her clothing rippling and changing rapidly, displaying the mark of K'Vatch, the Imperial family seal, the Champion's Mark, and more, an equally dizzying array of weapons, rings, and necklaces flashing into and out of existance as well before settling onto a comfortable set of silk clothing.

As she stepped away from the wall, a dagger thudded home in her left eye, sinking nearly to the hilt. Her movement didn't even pause, as she reached a hand and removed the offending weapon, licking her blood and the poison from it before dropping it to the floor. Casually, she reached over the Breton at the table, ignoring the near palpable fear that emanated from him as she grabbed a bit of cheese from the table and popped it into her mouth, the wound already nearly completely healed as if it had never been. Continuing around the table, she moved to her vampiric recruiter who had thrown the blade and gave a mocking caress to his cheek before disappearing, reappearing a moment later leaning over the Argonian Master's shoulder.

"Don't worry, Master." The tone was even more mocking than her caress. "I've tired of these lands." The desert cat straightened and calmly sauntered to the door. "I think I'll visit Skyrim next... Always wanted to meet a dragon."
The Old Guard - Immortal Elites who accepted the Gaes placed upon them by the dragoness.

The Fallen Guard - The Spirits of legendary warriors and monks. They rarely show themselves, but forever stalk the corridors of the Shadow Cove.

The New Guard - Trainees and any fighters or monks who did either have not yet been offered, or haven't accepted the Gaes of the Dragoness.

Shadow Cove - A small cove of an inland sea, the cove is permanently shaded by the hanging gardens cultivated and created by the Dragoness to help hide the entrance to her nest. The Shadow Cove Sea For was built later by the Guardians as a defensive position against their enemies. They discovered the dragon's caves and the nest dragon at roughly the same time as a group known as the Hunters (who had joined forces with the enemies of the Guardians). Deciding the dragon was sacred (or more likely, that anything their enemies wanted to destroy was probably worth saving), fight to protect her and the eggs, forcing the Hunters back. The Dragon awakes near the end of the battle, sees the Guardians protecting her eggs from a group she knows well, and joins the fray.

After the Battle, she offered the humans who had defended her the option to defend her eggs until they hatched. Many took the offer, becoming the effectively immortal Old Guard. Those who fell in defense her eggs, if their spirits were willing, became the Fallen / Spirit guard. The Shadow Cove Sea Fort has become a true fortress and monestary, devoted to the protection of their Dragoness.

The Monks - In two groups -> Combatants and Healers

The Dragoons - The actual guardians of the Anthechamber (egg room). Guardians defend the rest of the place, as well as the eternal flame (Note gone?). Dragoons will never use a weapon other than their own bodies, and can make their skin harder than steel.

The Wolves - Scouts and border patrol. The wolves range far from Shadow Cove to fight off small incursions or send word if a larger invasion is coming. Wolves are trained and raised to have incredible endurance. Often fight with wrist claws and javelins.

The Shadows - Spies and Assassins - The Shadows can be found all over the world, though only if you happen to know exactly what to look for. They gather information about the Hunters, and occasionally act as assassins. The shadows can hide just about anywhere, though stories of their invisibility are exagerated. Perfectly capable of using just about anything they can get their hands on as a weapon, but mostly use short daggers and throwing spikes.

The Aether - Reaserches and Mages - The Aether are mostly pacifists and healers, though like all the monks are perfectly capable of defending themselves. The majority of Aethers are mages of varying strengths, though some are just scholars. The Aethers search and catalog prophecies, sightings of the hunters, etc.

Inside the monestary the monks wear various color robes, depending on clan and rank.

Dragoons - Black robes. Initiates have grey shoulders, Enlightened have Blue, and Adepts have Gold (to match the Dragoness)

Wolves - Brown Robes. Initiates have Red shoulders, Enlightened have Orange, and Adepts have Grey.

Shadows - Grey Robes. Initiates have White Shoudlers, Enlightened have Black, Adepts have Grey

Aethers - White Robes - Initiates have Tan shoulders, Enlightened have Yellow, Adepts have Silver

The Hunters:

Ancestral enemies of th4e dragons, have succeeded in wiping them mostly out. Hear rumors that one is still alive, and hunt it. Find that someone found her first, and battle. Hunters lose, slowly rebuild. They are made up of Humans and Rayth.

Rayth - Average a foot taller than humans, scaled skin, acidic blood, females have horns. The Rayth and Dragons used to coexist peacefully until the gods placed the Sacred Fire into the care of the Dragons. Jealous, the Rayth turned on Dragon kind, seeking to whipe them out and gain control of the Flame. Only when the last dragon has fallen will the Hunters gain control.
World Building (from forever ago) The Shadow Cove
I found a notebook from high school that is full of story notes for something that never went anywhere, aside from a short I think I may have posted a decade ago. I'm transcribing the notes and may or may not post them as is, may try and expand into a story (yeah, like that will happen). We'll see.

What? A journal that doesn't involve me playing guitar? How odd!
Wolf's Lamb Mask - Kindred by Koeryn
Wolf's Lamb Mask - Kindred
Got bored, drew Kindred's Lamb mask. Came out better than expected, and WAY better than Lamb's Wolf mask, which doesn't even belong in my scraps.

But hey, I drew something and didn't hate it. So there's that. 

About half an hour, all pen (penciled in and erased Wolf's ears 'cause I couldn't draw the rest of his face).
FNX-45 Tactical by Koeryn
FNX-45 Tactical
I had access to a really nice camera and a really nice firearm from FN. Couldn't resist!

No color adjustment, I have only removed dust and the glass table (and reinserted the reflection).


I found a notebook from high school that is full of story notes for something that never went anywhere, aside from a short I think I may have posted a decade ago. I'm transcribing the notes and may or may not post them as is, may try and expand into a story (yeah, like that will happen). We'll see.

What? A journal that doesn't involve me playing guitar? How odd!

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